Almost all the sports facilities in Rio are ready, it sounded in Prague

The first wave of test races took place, the second is in Brazil’s Rio on schedule during November and December, and the third, the largest, will start in January. 94% of all sports venues have already been prepared, the organizers

Hertl has finished a goal-goal, Elias kicks off New Jersey

Hertl scored in two of the three opening games of the season, but from October 13 he did not pass and during the 19th series he scored only seven goals. The match San Jose against Calgary was, however, at the

The juniors finished fifth, eventually triumphing over the French

ANKARA – Slovak volleyball juniors (1994 birthday and younger) won their fifth final match at the European Championships of this age category in Turkish Ankara when they beat the French rosters in 95 minutes 3-1 (19, 19, -15, 18 ).

From the editorial offices behind the steering wheel, the Mediaracing Media Cup triumph of Chekhov

BRATISLAVA – It is not quite common for many media editors to meet in one place, as the Mediaracing organizers invited an unusual event. The journalists who bring to their readers, listeners or spectators of the motor sport report have

Zettel winner of the slalom in Aspen, Velez-Zuzulova 11.

ASPEN – Austrian skier Kathrin Zettel became the winner of the second slalom of the World Cup in Aspen, Colorado. In the second leg, another Austrian Marlies Schild finished off with 67th of a second, third was Slovinka Tina Maze

In the end, Banská Bystrica dramatized, but with Košice, however, it was the sixth consecutive match

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Exactly according to the unproduced script, they departed minutes from the match, which was much more dramatic than it was. Fighting the first and third only confirmed that the home was in a deep crisis and that

The Slovakian Hockey Dream of the Medal Ends: In the Quarter Final Hot Debakel from Canada

CAVALESE – Slovakia’s hockey team failed in the 26th World Winter Universiade in a quarter-final match with Canada, scoring a high 0-6. At the Municipal Ice Arena, they have been pulling from the start of the duel for a shorter

El Clásico: Barcelona destroyed Real, winning 4-0

MADRID. The first of Elsterico’s turn this season became the sultry winger of FC Barcelona. The Catalans totally dominated the Saturday’s soccer feast of the game, as well, winning 4: 0. After nearly two months, the elite gunman Lionel Messi

Kopecky wants to stay in Florida. People can not appreciate his contribution, says a teammate

SUNRISE. Slovak hockey player Tomas Kopecky would like to stay in Florida in the next season of the NHL. His four-year $ 12 million contract ends in the summer. The Slovaks are experiencing a weaker year, but they feel happy

Both Arsenal and Chelsea advanced, Barcelona tied

BRATISLAVA. Arsenal football champions London wins Wednesday’s 2015/2016 F-group championship on Olympiakos Piraeus 3-0 and secured a semi-final. In the relegation part of the Champions League they will play in the 16th season in a row. In addition to three