12.15, Bhutan record for hundreds. So Bolt’s discipline began in Beijing

Holder da Silva of Guinea-Bissau finished in his run for 10.58 second and stepped on. Then he knelt on the track and thanked God for a long time. Then, laughing at all, he sent a gesture for at least two minutes to all sides of the stadium, as if he had just won the World Championship title. The Dagiero Dagiero of Nauru has improved his personal record for 11.81 seconds and Claytus Taquimam of Solomon Islands at 11.58.

Tashi Dendup of Bhutan has created a new national record of 12.15.He walked modestly from one opponent to another and congratulated them.

What did he end up with from last-running sprinters last. What the fact that before the championship was such a “blank sheet of paper” that the IAAF international federation did not only record its performance at an official meeting. Right now, as the only Bhutan athlete in the world championship, he also wrote the history of sport

Until 1971, the Kingdom of Bhutan was inhabited by the Kingdom of Bhutan, inhabiting 742,000 inhabitants. Radio has been in existence since 1973 and the ban on television and the Internet was abolished only in 1999.

The national sport is archery, so it was publicly announced in 1971.

No wonder, even the gods of the local people are shown with bows and arrows.Archery tournaments are an integral part of every national holiday, in every village. Since 1984, archery has been for nearly three decades and the only sport in which the Bhutanians have started at the Olympic Games. Only in London 2012 was shooter Kunzang Choden.

Bhutanese footballers have occupied the last place in the FIFA rankings for many years. In July 2002, on the day of the final of the world championship between Brazil and Germany, however, a match, called “Other finals”, took place at the same time among the last two countries in the ranking…And Bhutan defeated Montserrat 4-0. This year, he celebrated the unprecedented triumph of this year when the Asian qualifiers defeated sensationally 37 shots above Sri Lanka after the 1: 0 and 2: 1 victory. Successful shooter Gyeltsheno at home renamed Ronald of Bhutan. And the national federation has decided that the top players will pay 10,000 ngultrams for the match – that is, about 3,600 crowns. The rest of the team, mostly students, continues to play for free.

The group stage was no longer famous, the Bhutanians succumbed 0: 7 to Hong Kong and 0: 6 to China. The other four most popular sports in the country of khuru, soksom, digor and pundo. We would also find athletic elements in them. Soksom is throwing a goal throw at a distance of 20 meters.A pundo, which is popular with the lama, is a litter over a kilogram stone. In 2012, the first Energybet online betting promotions athletic track with artificial surface in Bhutan was opened in Thimphu capital. “In order for our young people to spend time outside the street in a healthy and friendly environment,” Dorji Tenzin, secretary general of the Bhutanese federation, said in her approval.

This seven-year-old Tashi Dendup was also on the run. He was the fastest, so he finished up to Beijing.

To meet the qualifying limit for the championship, which was at 10.15, Energybet bets online he was obviously far away.However, he has benefited from the right of each IAAF member country that does not have nominated athletes to log one man to one of the selected disciplines without a limit.

While Dendup has already fulfilled his mission in Beijing, Da Silva of Guinea-Bissau and others Sprinters who have advanced from the pre-league can now look forward to clashes with Bolt, Gatlin and other hundreds of stars in the evening racing.

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