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Interest in Schicka is growing. The famous Inter wants to redeem it for 660 million

The transition deadline is hardly over, but Patrick Schick is still talking in Italy. According to some reports, interest in the Czech Forward continues to grow, especially in Inter Milan. The famous club is said to be willing to pay

Late Arrivals of Koukal? I was a little mad at her, laughs Finka

DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA Being a race to race a medal, they are great friends. “You know, when we were so many times on the podium or the press conferences, we know each other better than with other competitors,” Kaisa Mäkäräinen

The Eighth Koukal in Korea improved, Dahlmeier declassified everyone

The biathlete Gabriela Koukalová has scored eighth in the World Cup Fighting Championship in Pchjongchchang, Korea, and has improved thirteen places against Sprint. Her current sovereignty was confirmed by German Laura Dahlmeier, who has clearly won the next Olympic Games.

Bale’s short circuit? It was ruled out by Judge Sparta with Pilsen, Marcelo was angry

Just started the second half in which Real Madrid had to break the match with Las Palmas on its side, but the wound came straight from its own rows. The star midfielder Gareth Bale was foolishly eliminated from the Czech

Trio MSN рекомендуется! Месси выстрелил головой, Суарес и Неймар залпами удар Примак

Опять же бушует, как человек. Барселона футболисты не знали, чувство поражения в 18 матчах подряд, после победы в среду над Спортинг Хихон подскочил к главе стола является неполным. Большая часть бет365 букмекерская контора онлайн в высокой победы 6: 1 несет

When Giro ended: König already flew a helicopter to Turkey

Ivona König is wearing Sky’s son’s outfit and says with a slight offense: “They will make a hill for them one day and the next day again. Only to them. “ From a party of relatives and friends who a