Almost all the sports facilities in Rio are ready, it sounded in Prague

The first wave of test races took place, the second is in Brazil’s Rio on schedule during November and December, and the third, the largest, will start in January. 94% of all sports venues have already been prepared, the organizers reported during the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees.

To date, 201 inspection visits to the National Olympic Committees have been held in Rio all over the world. “Maybe people already know what they can expect,” said Mario Cilenti, director of the Olympic Village in Prague.

In addition to attending all sports venues, the officials of the National Olympic Committees also enjoyed Copacabana beaches. As for the sports grounds themselves, for example, the tennis stadium is finished at 85 percent, a bicycle velodrome of 75 percent.It is expected to be completed by the end of March. “This week, the stadium of the ice hockey stadium should be completed. Other sites, such as a water center, are only waiting for final testing, “Cilenti said.

The second wave of test races is now about boxing or tennis. During the third year, 25 test races will be held. “It’s the most important test we have before,” Cilenti recalled.

In addition to the sports grounds themselves, the Olympic Village is still under construction, which according to the organizers is 96 percent. The photo looks like a suite of apartments in a more expensive resort.For athletes it will be open for the first time on July 24th at 8am.

Beijing will use the Summer Olympics Problems of Pyongyang

Yü Chung, the representative of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022, highlighted the support she receives from the International Olympic Committee in Prague. “We are pleased to welcome the Olympics after fourteen years,” she said during her speech.

In China, they also want to use the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.The Bird’s Nest should again host the opening and closing ceremony, swimming blue cube, where Michael Phelps won eight gold medals, would turn out to be the scene of curling battles.

Games will not only be held in Beijing, but in the other two distant ski areas – Jen-ching and Chang-tia-khu, where biathlonists will fight.

“There should be three Olympic villages. We also want to focus on pooling all the sports grounds, “Chung said. The whole process of preparing for the Beijing Olympics is part of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Even before Beijing, the South Korean Pyongyang Winter Olympics will be held in 2018, which has already introduced individual sports grounds.The problem is the lack of accommodation capacity. “We know about it, but we do not hope that anything will change fundamentally.We believe that some accredited people would live in Seoul for an hour’s journey by speedway, but it is certainly not the optimal solution, “Gunilla Lindberg, chief secretary of the Association of National Olympic Committees, is aware of the commuting issue. On the contrary, Tokyo, the host of the forthcoming Summer Olympics in 2020, has so far not been clear about sports venues, but there is a winner there as far as sponsors are concerned. “They have more than the London Olympics all the time,” said Tošio Curunaga of the Association of National Olympic Committees.

The enthusiasm of the Olympic Park

The Olympic Park project, a Czech thought at Sochi’s winter games, is likely to be greatly welcomed and probably spread throughout the world. “The idea pleased the International Olympic Committee very much. The Czech Olympic Committee has thus become the promoter of this event, which is a great honor that we have really done something good, “said Roman Kumpošt, head of the WWTP’s foreign relations.

Moreover, 94 percent of the 409,148 people during the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Prague Park visited, and wished it to be created during the Summer Olympics.

“The Olympic Parks will be financially supported by the IOC and our project will have at least five followers in Europe.This is how we can go abroad, “added Jiří Kejval, chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee.

During Rio, the WWTP is preparing to park in Lipno. “We wanted to improve a few things and give a chance to regions other than Prague. A lot of people go there for summer holidays and we want the sporting ground to be used after the games, “said Kejval.

The Czech Olympic Park will not be the only one. “A similar will arise in The Hague, with whom we cooperate.I believe that over the next few years, each country will have its own Olympic Park, “said Kejval, who was also applauded by the President of the European Olympic Committee, Patrick Hickey. “This is a fantastic project,” he said during the General Assembly.


Before all athletes of the world fly to Brazilian Rio or go to the Lipno dam, the second Winter Youth Olympic Games will take place in Lillehammer, Norway from February 12-21.

There are 7 winter sports and 15 disciplines waiting for the athlete in ten days.During the “children’s” games, the Sjogg Fest will be held in Lillehammer, featuring a number of bands.

According to the organizers, nobody worries about the lack of snow in Norway. “Coincidentally, the first snow came this Monday,” they announced in Prague.

Pražské organizaci

only a project of the Olympic parks, which raised a positive response from the Czech view of the gathering, but the whole international event. “This is one of the best organizational teams we have worked with,” said Secretary General of the National Olympic Committees, Raffaele Pagnozzi, not praising the staff of the WWTP. “It is such a culmination of our efforts.We are glad that we were able to present the Czech Olympic Movement and hear the words of praise from the participants. Everyone who has something in world sport has come, “Kejval recalled the participation of IOC President Thomas Bach, Kuwait Sheik Ahmad Fahad Sabah, or Sebastian Coo, the new chairman of the IAAF International Athletics Federation.

General Secretary of WWTP Petr Graclík. “I was telling Romano (Kumpošt) that we have done so greatly, that much pressure will be on us now. Something tells me we’re something big. Once upon a time, the Olympic Games will return to this gathering. “

” Coming to Prague was a beautiful bonus.We felt here at home, it was a real dream, “said Patrick Hickey.

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