Bale’s short circuit? It was ruled out by Judge Sparta with Pilsen, Marcelo was angry

Just started the second half in which Real Madrid had to break the match with Las Palmas on its side, but the wound came straight from its own rows. The star midfielder Gareth Bale was foolishly eliminated from the Czech Republic’s well-known referee David Fernández Borbalán and weakened his teammates, who lost the 3: 3 draw in the last minute. “It will happen,” exclaimed Zidane coach and Captain Marcelo’s teammate and deputy had no such understanding.

Since his return to the forced pause that caused him injury, he appeared in good light. In four games two goals.In the fourth duel against Las Palmas, coach Zinedine Zidane has already ranked among the eleven who have flown to the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium from the first minutes, but the stellar Welsh has endured Only the half-time and the right minutes in the other.

He came in a short circuit that could not be tolerated. He fouled first in the duel, which was the first to come from David Fernández Borbalan, who was two years ago whistling the Czech highest league between Sparta and Pilsen.

Just as Bale fouled, another problem came. He dropped the guest into the cross, stuck in it, and followed what he had.The second yellow card and the judo sent him to the dressing rooms prematurely.

“After the match, he apologized for his act, it is unfortunate,” said coach Zidane after Bale’s match, Than to condemn his behavior. “This is what we have to take as a fact,” he added.

Brazilian defender Marcelo, who in Real belongs to the oldest players and enjoys a privileged right in the absence of Sergio Ramos, He was not excited.

“I’m not the one to pull his ears behind this as I do with my kids,” he said angrily. “Bale is old enough to know what a mistake he made,” Marcelo continued. “Such things happen in football, but maybe it will not happen until the end of the season,” he added to the Bale exclusion.

“Normally, I’m happy after the game, but now I can not.We have to work on our performance, because as we currently play, we are not happy, “said coach Zidane.

” We will still analyze. The last games did not go as we would, but from a 1: 3 position to win a 3: 3 draw, it proves that the team has made great efforts and has a great character, “added the French coach.

Home: 8. Isco, 86. Ronaldo, 90. Ronaldo

Guests: Tana, 56. Viera, 59. K-P. Boateng


Domestic: Navas – Carvajal, Nacho Fernández, Ramos, Marcelo – Kroos, Kovačić (71. James Rodriguez) L. Vázquez) – Bale, Morata (71. Benzema), Ronaldo.

Guests: Varas – Simón, Lemos, BigasCastellano – Mesa – Tana, V. Gomez, Viera (75. Halilović), Jesé – K-P. Boateng (69. Mateo).




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