Bayern Munich lost again, Wolfsburg secured the Champions League

Mönchengladbach has never played in the Champions League yet. After a 3: 0 win over Leverkusen, he misses two points for sure.

The break was played mainly thanks to both goal-keepers. After the break, however, the home team had three goals in Leverkusen.

The direct progress to the Champions League guarantees the first Energybet sporting bet three races. In addition to Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg is also sure to end up either second or third. After three games without a defeat, Paderborn defeated 3: 1 before Mönchengladbach has a two point lead.

Wolfsburg gained two points from the previous three duels, but did not hesitate on the penultimate Paderborn court. At 16.Minutely opened the score after Rodriguez’s corner kick Timm Klose.

Then the game was taken by the canner Dost and two goals secured the lead Wolfsburg. Twenty-five-year-old striker has 16 goals in this season. In the end, he only repaired the situation with a tremendous blow from the boundary of the Rupp penalty area.

Bayern Munich has failed. Earlier in the end of April he succumbed in the German Cup semifinals after Borussia Dortmund, in the last league round he lost on the Leverkusen field, on Wednesday was not enough in the opening semifinals of the Champions Energybet free online bet League of Barcelona and now comes another league defeat.

The match affected 13. Minute when substitute home keeper Reina had run poorly and was disqualified after the Bobadilla intervention.Neuer went into the goal, but he did not have to intervene against the Verhaegh penalty because the Augsburg defender had hit the pole. But the visitors did get the most valuable three points, twenty minutes before the end, Höjbjerg found himself in front of the Bobadilla gate and decided to finish.

The Duel of the teams threatened by the descent between Hamburg and Freiburg ended 1: 1. The home team saved at least the goal of the Kačar goal in the last minute.

However, one team nevertheless did not help the draw, they both stayed close to the descent races.

Hamburg, who won the previous two matches, Minutes after a hard shot of Mehmediho.Freiburg in line with Pavel Krmaš and Vladimir Darida defended the lead until the last minute of the regular playing time, when after the duel in the air with goalkeeper Bürkim equalized head Kačar.

The situation on the tail of the table still tangled Stuttgart, who beat 2: 0 Mainz. It remains the last, but the difference between him and fourteenth Hamburg has narrowed to just two points. In the Stuttgart report, Adam Hloušek did not appear at all.

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