Bohemia in Tampa leads a former Wall Street lawyer. Where he comes, he wins

The overseas NHL is a closed community. Most local trainers and managers were successful players. After the end of their gaming career, they took advantage of glory and contacts and moved smoothly to the back or office. Getting into the best hockey league by training school and junior teams is almost impossible. Current coach Tampa managed this.

Crusader Cooper was always alive. At the University he played American football, hockey, he excelled in lakros. What he did, he did. “Everyone in the team looked at him. It was clear that he would be successful any way, “recalls his Lacrosse coach. Cooper was eager to go on ice. The enthusiasm for hockey was devastating.Thanks to his friendly attitude he was popular and knew about NHL players, so he thought he would become a player agent. The study of rights should help him.

During the school he went to an experienced New York City where he took time. No wolf from Wall Street was. A rather beginning advocate looking for a clientele. He then went to work and study to Michigan where he worked as an advocate. He did not even know that a lawyer’s career would soon be a party.

He was expecting something better.

Life has changed a pretty innocent offer.

The judge for whom he worked asked him to help him train the local school team. Cooper accepted, and the team won Energybet free bets online the league just that year. Then things started to happen.

The talented coach was interested.Gradually he tried several sessions across the United States, training with nourishment. Almost wherever he came, he won.

An eerie moment has only occurred to the desert in Texas, where the stadium commutes two hours by car. But patience has paid off.

The promising coach noticed the highest places. In the summer of 2010 he invited him to Steve Yzerman, the new Lightning Manager. He was just looking for a coach for the Norfolk Admirals, the then “farm” of Tampa, and Cooper caught him.

The encounter with the legend was an experience for Coopera. “I remember how he came to me and said,” Hi, I’m Steve Yzerman. “I was completely out.My head blew only “Well, maybe not,” “said the laughing coach in a recent video interview for

“I did not expect to get the job. I did not know why they would like someone like me. I was not even sure if I wanted to practice my profits at all, “he remembers. But Yzerman betrayed the intuition, hired an extraordinary coach, and Cooper’s ride could continue.

And so it happened. In the second season in AHL, the Norfolk Cooper (field) magician led to the prestigious Calder Cup, earning the trophy for the best coach of the league. He created a perfect part about Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Palat, Radko Gudas, Alex Killorn, future NHL players.

This is what Cooper is unique about. He is a entertainer who relies on human approach, respect for players, teamwork.Players love him and want to win for him.

“It’s totally different from all my previous coaches. I was used to an old school coach who was screaming something in your ear. Jon is Energybet free online bets different. He is clever and, at the right time, can ease the situation, “says Johnson.

In 2013, Cooper became Tampa Bay Lightning’s main coach.

Former lawyer Cooper acts in the NHL as a revelation. Not only is he still winning and this year his team has only four winnings from the Stanley Cup. As one of the few trainers he is relaxed and immediate. He thinks about the answers and shields the frightened sporting phrases.

So, for example, before the seventh, decisive duel against the Rangers.Coach New York, Alain Vigneault, has drawn a boring cliché on the press: “We just take it as a next game.”

The Coopera response was exactly the opposite: “I do not think this is just another game” “. I’m not going to tell players that this is just one of a hundred matches this year, “coach Tampa said.

The battle eventually won Tampa and Cooper again proved that there is not so much difference between advocacy and training. “As an advocate I learned to talk to people. Now it’s my job to convince 23 players to trust me and play our system. It’s like talking to the jury, “explains the former lawyer.

We’ll soon learn if the spell of the individual coach will also work on an opponent from the Western Conference.From Wednesday night to Thursday, Tampa’s experienced Hawks from Chicago fly out. And it’s not just about any match.

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