Butterfly Power: Only Czechs have two jumps in the final of the Olympics

DIRECT RIA Just as at last year’s World Championship in Beijing, the rookies Jan Kudlicka and Michal Balner celebrate the progress of the Olympic finals in Rio de Janeiro. No country other than the Czech Republic will have a double representation medal in the Monday fight.

“It’s great after a year,” Kudlicka says. “We can help in one sector. They all have the same conditions, but they are not from another. We probably have the advantage. “

Saturday’s qualification was better with Balner, who jumped up to 560 centimeters without a mistake. With the assurance of progress, at a height of 570 centimeters, he tried a harder rod.

“I thought the 560 on the first attempt would be just fine for the final.The first attempt was such a rehearsal, the other was very nice, the third at all, I almost killed, “Balner said. “Then I was a little scared that 560 would not be enough, but it was just fine. So, we’re looking forward to the final. “

The kid was tortured at a height of 560 centimeters, twice repaired, but then jumped 570 for the second time and is also in the final for the third time in the Olympics. He was the tenth in Beijing, the eighth in London.

“It’s a good thing the qualification is based.Most of the time, when I got a bit out of the qualifying, he put on a third try to make sure that the coach did not have that easy, it was a good performance in the finals, “says Kudlicka, who struggled with the organizers’ inconvenience. P> “She did not set the first height, the broken racks…They had to give it by hand, they did not know how. When they got out, they did not know how to put the bar up there. When they put it up and somebody dropped it, they did not know what to do with this bar…”Kudlicka describes.

Klučinová and Cachová have finished

Their race is already Czech boys. Eliška Klučinová finished 22nd with 6077, Kateřina Cachová twenty-four with 5958 points. Cachova did not put on her June personal record 6328 from Kladno.Especially the next day she did not. “” I do not know what to say…I wanted to take advantage of the second chance when they did not get me and somehow did not work, “Cach reminded her of the confusion surrounding her allegedly twisting the two- Due to which she was threatened with disqualification. “Maybe a day or how it’s called. Somehow it did not work.

It’s a long season for me. I was accustomed to going a few races, then I was always hurt and I had a season. “Eliska Klucinova raced in the opposite situation, who could not train for two months during the season and manko at the Olympics

“That performance is terrible. I was not expecting anything more.I handed over what I had, unfortunately, it was not more, “said Klucinova. “In May, it looked like it was going to be a great race, everything was going in the right direction. I was surprised by a spear. Dvořák (Chief Dvorak) advised me, he compared me. I was pretty sure it was flying somehow. “ All about LOH Rio de Janeiro 2016 read HERE & gt;

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