Carlsbad volleyball players defeated Usti nad Labem at the beginning of the season

Normally, VK Karlovarsko would have smashed the SKV Usti nad Labem opponent not even in an hour 3: 0 (17, 11, 14), but because the preliminary duel was played, another set came, and the best was the home. : 24.

“The sets were, until the last, unambiguous. We turned twelve people and Ústí played the way we played, but we take it as a preparation, “says coach Petr Brom. “Seventy percent of the cadre has changed and we’ve been curious about how it will work.”

VK played the first match after three weeks of preparation. “We need to play, it was the first match, it is unusual for such a long preparation,” says Zdeněk Málek. “The coaches cut all the players, we turned on the freer.We were playing on one recorder and the smugglers were turning, “he says.

The reason is the absence of the liberal Daniel Pfeffer, who is together with the recorder Pavel Bartoš in the nomination of the national team to the European Championship.

“Thank God they are in the representation, the team must get used to it and somehow replace them.The only problem is that they will come fourteen days before the competition and they will have little time to play with the team, “adds coach Brom.

The first two sets played by Michal Kriško at the post, followed by Robert Szczerbaniuk and Donovan Javoronok. The fourth set was played mainly by young players. Before the start of the contest, Usti confirmed that she will probably play again in the lower floors of the table.

“We are happy with the 4: 0 result, let’s say some things about tactics in the field, we have it shot. We do not make any conclusions, we’re playing another game in a week.We are physically ready to go well, it just wants to harmonize the game room, “said Macker Málek.

Carlsbad volleyball players are still in full swing. “We’re still training in physical fitness, and that’s combined with game stuff. It is still five Sundays before the start of the league and there will still be room for physics, “says coach Brom.

Another preparatory match will be played by volleyball players VK ČEZ Karlovy Vary on Thursday, again in a new ball sports hall, Benátky nad Jizerou.

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