Children from cities are more proficient, analysts say. Helps a new project

“I’m a peasant, and it’s surprising information for me. I remember my childhood – we came home from school, the bag went to the corner and we wandered through the trees, “says Martin Doktor, a former successful canoeist and now sports director of the Czech Olympic Committee. In the Czech Republic, has been clear for almost thirty years, since the spartakiáds. “It turned out that years have not been true, according to which children in rural areas and small towns are moving more.On the contrary, their results are worse compared to children from big cities, “commented Tomáš Perič, expert on sports of children at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the UK.

According to experts, there is an explanation in the availability of sports grounds and also in financial And social possibilities of families.

The doctor pointed out one dangerous fact – that the Czech Republic has long been among the countries with the most obese people and children. “That’s why it’s important to prevent problems and to attract children to sport,” he recalled.

One of the trips is also the Olympic multiboy project, where schoolchildren can match strengths with successful professional athletes. “From September to December, nearly 100,000 children were involved, and more than half completed all eight disciplines,” the Doctor added.

Parental appeal: sports, not a computer

A unique opportunity has been opened to schoolchildren, this year’s novelty is also a chance to get a sports report.It is through children and parents in particular that they will get recommendations on which sport is best for their spouse and where they can take care of it.

“We have to appeal to parents first and foremost. It’s about getting involved and not looking for excuses why it is not. They have their job responsibilities, and the easiest thing to say is that the child is at home after school and has a TV or computer. But that’s dangerous.Parents must realize that the children are not at their own free will – they have taken their parents and have time to find their sport, “said figure skater Tomáš Verner, one of the ambassadors of the project.

The Olympians’ To Czech schools are mostly positive. “I was a little afraid of it before, but it was always a great experience for me, the children responded very positively to our presence. At the Olympic multiboy they want to show off, it is worth to be there, “summed up by his successful kayaker Vavřinec Hradilek.

” It is a great experience for children to race with the Olympians.When you see their glowing faces, it’s an experience and I think it’s kicked or kicked in the direction of sport, “Verner added.

Hradilek: Let the ministry think

However, it has a negative experience from the time of studies at the FTVS, where he practiced gym classes at school.

Of children did not say anything to the queen or stand. Doctor may say to the child – you have scoliosis, do not sport. That’s almost a convict on a wheelchair. But he should say – you have scoliosis, so do sports so and so. Or go for a physiotherapist’s advice. But I sometimes experienced a scary picture.Of the thirty children, ten of them did not have a workout, and they did not practice the next ten because they had asthma or something else, “said the professional figure skater.

” Ninety minutes of gymnastics a week are scarce, I know in New Zealand that school children are moving much more. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports should consider and increase the number of hours, “added Hradilek.

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