Dudekova confession shocks the world: Messi is false provocateur

BERLIN. The former Polish football goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has published a book ten years after his most memorable career, a book that caused stormy reactions not only in Spain but around the world.

The Polish goalman was one of the main characters of the English Liverpool triumph in the Istanbul 2005 finals against AC Milan.

His book in the Polish original called “NieREALna Career” has revealed some of the former teammates and opponents with other character traits than those that have been presented to media and fans by selected individuals.

Dudek has uncovered the most intimate information from Real Madrid’s kitchen and also from relations with the biggest rival FC Barcelona.The book is of great interest and is planning its translation into several languages.

“Messi is a false provocateur. All it considered’tichú vodu’ a seemingly good man. Pepe and Sergio Ramos could not believe how rude things to say to them. Even it you can not imagine. But it was not just Messi, “he says in the book Dudek. Unfair practices Catalans

“Barcelona is led by Pep Guardiola always tried to provoke your opponent. Guardiola lived for provoking.They were able to do it so subtly that it hurting especially our coach Mourinho, who in any controversial situation always came out as the biggest culprit. “

” We still instilling that you have opponents including Barcelona, ​​honor and respect, but on their part, we never did such thing. He was on us angry that we are still one match to them exchanged jerseys, “writes further Dudek in his book, which this week published the Spanish El Confidential.

Too excited rendering his people after reading the book not even Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I Delil the dressing room with egomaniac.Raul and Cristiano Ronaldo preferring rather win 2: 1 when they scored two such high triumph 5: 0 after goals in Liverpools net other teammates. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is under the guise of an arrogant man a real man, “says Dudek.

Also interesting episode of” Mourinhovom mole-staging “of the closet Real Madrid. Portugal’s after the home draw 1: 1 with Barcelona in 2011 rozčertilo that his primary Eleven and tactics of the forthcoming duel appeared before the media. Mourinho anger

“Mourinho after the match against Barcelona came into the dressing room and said that the result is not bad. Almost the entire second half when we played ten after a red card Raúla Albiola.Then she told us:’Vidím that your relations with the press are pretty good. Four hours before the game to turn on the TV and what I see? The media rivals offer our tactics. How could we surprise opponent when one of you is a rat? Yes, a rat. Someone brought out information and know everything about us. They knew that Pepe will play in the center midfield.I always protect you, I’d jump for you into the fire, but one of you stabbed the knife into my chrbta.’ Extract from Dudek’s book during Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid. [Pics via @RMadridInfo] pic.twitter.com/1IuPcNBrP2 – Alex (@RM_Insider) 1 June 2015

“Then in the locker room was quiet a Mourinho pointed the finger at as a possible culprit towards Esteban Granero and other three – four boys, “uncovered the secret Dudek, who also unveiled how striker Fernanda Torresa perceived teammates from the Spanish national team.

“When Fernando Torres, he moved from Liverpool to Chelsea, Casillas told me that this is the most overestimated Spanish football,” he revealed a native of juhopoľského pond that during their career in addition to Liverpool and Real Madrid played well for Feyenoord Rotterdam and smaller clubs in his homeland – Concordia Knurów a Sokól Tychy.Jerzy Dudek’s book is like Spanish football’s wikileaks…http://t.co/Y8g3nnr1WI – Lee Roden (@ LeeRoden89) June 2, 2015

Dudek for tabloid portal fakt.pl also expressed their views towards for Saturday’s Champions League final at the Olympic stadium in Berlin between Juventus and FC Barcelona. Achievements rival him not enjoy

“As a former player of Real Madrid’m tired of looking over Barcelona and its victories, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed Juventus. Barcelona is however a large form. Juventus is the surprise of this year, as Dnipro in European league, “intends Poly.

“Turínčania are in a state when they can overcome your opponent and get a cup for himself.I will be at the stadium in Berlin, UEFA gave me a ticket. My son, however, came in jersey from me Gianluigi Buffon, who dedicated it to me once, and he went to Barcelona to cheer Juventus. I hope that there does not receive the nose “, said 60-fold polish representative of a subscriber MS, 2002.

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