Forgotten story. As the Spartan took the rumor to a derby derby

50 years have passed since the legendary ride. Pavlicek drove with Pacak, based on a special dural tracker, to the Sparta-Slavia Derby.

The route measured 145 kilometers and could be mastered in two hours. In 1965, the wheeled ride took a week and “sank” into the streets of hundreds of thousands of people. It was also written in New York.

“I am happy that Antonín Pavlíček was my uncle. Now fans can not do anything like that. They are at most slaughtered somewhere in the meadow or destroy stadiums, “says Libuše Kučerová, a spartakian as her famous ancestor. She was a thirteen-year-old frog:” Strejda was a giant heartbroker, a true Spartan. Even in Turnov his blisters became blistering and the medical staff advised him to give up.But he said, “When I said I could bring him to Prague, I would bring him there.”

After a week of heavy-duty heavy-duty ride, Pavlicek met Pacak in May 1965. They sat with friends at the Kufr restaurant at Smržovka train station.

Slavia, after the shameful descent to the second league, fought for the return to the highest competition and lost several points to the leading Pilsen. the celebrities were healing, and Pavlicek remarked that when Slavia returns to the first league he will take Pacak to the derby. On the wheeled trailer.

The pacer went into a duel with the same seriousness and the same risk.If Slavia stayed in the second league, he would have been going to Prague and Pavlicek for a much less important match Slavia – Jablonec. “” Last night the guys from the pub woke up to the Smržovka notary and wrote a bet on the bet, ” says Kučerová. Slavia has made Pacak happy and has returned to the elite. While Pavlíček could think of the tricky role of Riks, his friend Pacak felt like a maharaja. Only the place on the elephant was about to get on the wheelbarrow. It was not a wheelbarrow.Pavlicek worked at Totex in Tanvald and his colleagues invented a light duralumin machine with a banging wheel.

The factory also employed Saddler Jiří Líbil, who made special straps that did not make Pavlíček so bad. = “tit not4bbtext” id = “- is-libo-kvasnakovy-kidvinky” “> Is Kvašňák’s kidneys?

The Internet has never been dreamed of anyone, yet the news of the amazing bet spread lightning not only on Smržovka , Jablonec or Czechoslovakia. It was reported in London, Paris and Belgrade.

“I remember how much it was written about,” says Vladimír Táborský, a former representative who was playing Sparta as a 21-year-old. And he saw the wheeled ride: “A similar healing between the Spartans and the rulers was commonplace before the derby.I remember the menus that offered Kvašňák ‘s pepper kidneys or Táborský and la pheasant. At present, the smirking poisoning between the Spartans and the Slavs is unfortunately lost.It is sad when the Death of Sparta, The Death of Slavia or Jude Slavie is being raided. “

The tracked race started in Smržovka on the last Saturday of August. “Ten thousand people were saying goodbye to Pavlicko and Pacak in the square,” says Inka Urbanová, a co-author of the exhibition at the Smržov Museum, where the derby paths resemble Líbal’s straps from the wheelbarrow. “The bus from Jablonec to Harrachov took a half-hour delay due to the closed road.”

Pavlíčka waited on the Smrzovka – Železný Brod – Turnov – Mladá Boleslav – Stará Boleslav – Kbely – Prague route not only a brutal climb to the Strahov stadium. Two murderous hills stood in the way in the beginning.The first one from Plavů to Držkov and the other from Malá Skála towards Turnov.

The shipyard boasts extraordinary accessories. In the factory he equipped it with a brake, a horn, rudders, reflective glasses, a pharmacies and repair tools.

Pavlicek and Pacak, fortunately, were not alone on the seven-month martyrium, accompanied by friends and patronage over the wheelbarrow run by Spartak Smrzovka . The derby had a chef and an accompanying quad bike loaded with the necessary properties. Tents between them, one in the Spartan colors, the other in the slaves.

No jamming

František Dlask marched in the accompanying group.His son, Mirek, remembers that Dad had his boots in his shoes, and he brought him a new car. The four-wheeler was drawn by the cook, Saint Florian, and Barber Josef Šturma, who massaged Pavlíček during the journey. The four-wheeler covered the sail, stitched from the Spartan and Slavic Flag.

To the streets and streets, a soaring crowd attracted so many residents that the police commander in Mladá Boleslav asked Pavlicek and Pacak to leave the town until eight o’clock in the morning. He feared that early morning a crowd of people in the streets would have prevented factory workers from taking up work.

The Communist moppins had a bumpy ride because they had more people in the streets than May 1st.They have forbidden the Sokolovska class to drive reporters and smugglers from Smržovka. “They were afraid the workers would leave the factory and they would welcome Pavlicek and Pacak,” Urban says.

Through the roadside, eight wheeled motorcyclists were accompanied by a wheelbarrow – and allowed only a long detour through Libeň and Holešovice, added mileage to Pavlíčkových feet.

Anabaza has earned her awards. At the derby break, gentlemen from Smržovka embarked on a Strahov playground and applauded 50,000 spectators. “It was a huge glory,” remembers 69-year-old Jaroslav Mrázek, a Spartan fan of Litoměřice.

The legendary sailboat has long been exposed in the Slavia restaurant in Smržovka. But he disappeared.

“My uncle and Mr. Pacak left a beautiful link for today’s fans. A link of the great football rivals who have stayed friends and built the whole nation on their feet, “says Kucerova.

After all, the Derby derby in Strah ended with a 2-2 result.

badges. After the costs were deducted, they were 32 thousand crowns, for which a decent car could be bought.Pavlíček and Pacák did not take anything, only the Jablonec company Javoz gave them as a gift a Spartan and a feast tent.

The money from the tram ride was received by the Slovak village Obid, devastated by the floods, and the toboggans from Smržovka used them to build a new racetrack .

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