From the editorial offices behind the steering wheel, the Mediaracing Media Cup triumph of Chekhov

BRATISLAVA – It is not quite common for many media editors to meet in one place, as the Mediaracing organizers invited an unusual event. The journalists who bring to their readers, listeners or spectators of the motor sport report have given each other a date in the Kart One Arena in Bratislava in Petržalka during endurance races.

Since the spring of the first round, the autumn part has been mostly lengthy and a kind of farewell to the season of motor sport.A total of fifteen three-man teams exchanged their keyboards, microphones and cameras behind the steering wheel knuckles.

About Meters, Seconds and Positions on Mediaracing Media In addition, Andy Studenič, former rider of the Porsche SuperCup, today known as Formula 1 co-driver of the RTVS team, together with commentator Ján Žgravčák, was fighting in clubs, besides media representatives and riders with licenses and racers from different categories.

, in the team of Radia Viva, young and fast circuit racer Michaela Pešková, who ran the moderator and also the racer of Alexander Štefuk or in the colors of the organizer this year’s rally champion in class 3, Tomáš Ondrej. After five minutes of qualification, start and the race with obligatory rotation of the riders started every 20 minutes, possibly even more time-consuming.There was no need for sharp fighting. The difference in performance between riders and riders has led to a number of upcoming maneuvers, as well as collision situations.

In the ranks of the Media Group, they have emerged as faster junior riders. Our team also suffered a single technical disruption amongst all starters. The truncated gas strand has dramatized the battle for the tenth bar but it succeeded!

The victory and the cup were defended by representatives of Mediasport from the Czech Republic, the silver was the main organizers from and the third place was occupied by the RTVS team. >

We believe that this will be better for our colors.It is going to ride again “big” Spring Media Club and will be in Slovakiaring and in the go-kart hall not only with the media but also other “pure-blooded” racing teams.

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