Goals of Liberec hockey players? No science: play-off and the longest season

The Tigers can not have any other desire than to restart the club and return under Ještěd times when the team won the core groups of the extralig and fought for the final. For the past three years, they have been worried and watched as their fans dwindle.

“Our goals are no science. We want to get into the playoffs safely and stretch the season as long as possible, “said Syrovátko. “I hope that our club will talk about the results and that we will all be talking to hockey.”

The Liberecs do not want to announce any big plans anymore.From past seasons they know how tricky it is. “There is a positive atmosphere in the club after the summer changes, but after the first, second or fifteenth round we will see if our ideas were real,” the club’s chief acknowledges.

However, it is well known that the team led by coach Pesan, who is also a sports director, believes a lot. “It seems to me that, as we were eleven years ago, we changed the team and the Slovak boys Vaic and Podkonický came,” Syrovátko reminded historically the first bronze gain. Energybet sporting bet “That season was still seasoned by the lock when Aleš Kotalík, Vašek Nedorost, Radim Vrbata and Jirka Fischer came.We love to remember, to live without it, but it gives us the optimism that we could repeat it. “

Liberec reinforced the attack in the summer, where former Lva Praha players Michal Birner and Michal Řepík engaged. “I expect a lot of goals from them,” admits coach Filip Pešán, who personally selected all the reinforcements.Liberec defense is dominated by the experienced bee Martin Ševc, who also played at the Prague Lion or in Sweden.

What will the Tiger game differ from the past years? “The emotions we want to show on ice,” Peshan promises.

The Liberecs also want to make a fortress from their arena, where the rivals will play hard. “In the last match of the Champions League in Sweden, we showed the hard hockey we want to play on domestic ice,” said Pešán.

Sunday’s home games will not play the White Tigers at 17:00 as before, but an hour earlier . This change is mainly promised by families with children. This should be supported by another novelty: children under 140 centimeters of height pay a symbolic one crown for the ticket.Children are also favored when buying tickets. Energybet online betting promotions

The new season will be hosted by Liberce hockey players in new jerseys. On the chest of the players, the whole log of the tiger-headed club will appear. “In addition to the jersey, there were significant motifs of tiger claws. The logos of our partners are very distinctive and visible, but Prime still plays the character of the White Tigers, “says marketing manager Barbora Seitlová.

In addition, the club introduced a new mascot that now reminds more of an animated fairytale figure than a bloodthirsty tiger for small children.

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