Hlaváčková: Incredible Wimbledon. We are waiting for more in the wait

In the first round of qualification, she lost to Bondarenko 2: 6, 0: 6 in the first round. “She had an amazing day,” said Czech tennis player, now 157th in the WTA ranking. In the doubles with Luce Hradecka they managed the first round against the French Cornet and Sergeant Kruničová, but in the second they defeated the Italians Knapp and Vinci. “We’ve had the worst lot to get here.If we defeated Knappo, Vinci, we should have Dellacqua, Švedovová, then Hingis, Mirza…”In the mix, he experienced two marathons – one winner against Kyrgios, Keys (10: 8) in the third set, Another – that Wednesday – failed. “Even when I saw what was waiting for us in the first match, I was saying,” Um, super. Then we did it and saw the next round in the lot. “

Finally, underlined:” Wimbledon is incredibly terse, “said Hlaváčková.

That it is not just the coincidence of unfortunate coincidences? “I’m rarely excusing myself in bad luck. I do not want to look at her. Everyone is his luck by the architect. It was just a little too much now. From Serena at 1.Roland Garros round here to Wimbledon, “said a 28-year-old tennis player.

Hlaváčková is experiencing a special season. A couple of years ago she was in the 60’s elite rankings. She was accustomed to conquer the most valuable trophies together with Hradecka.

But last year, after a series of health stories in the singles, she failed. The four-year-old tried a year with other partners before returning to the end of last season with Hradecka.

Bad year this year they did not: they played a semi-final in Miami or Roland Garros, they recently went to the Birmingham final. But the trophies they collected earlier are still missing. “We waited a little longer,” says Hlaváčková.

The races that caused their breakdown at the end of 2013 have already been healed. “I think we appreciate each other a little more.We communicate more, some things are dealt more forward and flat. We look at how we play matches, what happened on the court, and so on. I think it has strengthened us, “she said. “And we have a lot to appreciate any result.”

About a year ago, Hlaváčková started working with a new coach, led by Petr Vanicek. He praises that it helped to improve the previously weaker bekhend. They work on a service or move on a court. “And it all fits in.”

Meanwhile, the goal is to “qualify” to qualify for the Championship Champion, while H + H holds the seventh place between the eighth consecutive.And even the Wimbledon defeat would not have to lose much, it did not compete with other competitors.

The move to Singapore would be a great touch for so many months.

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