I did not even think about the set, admits young Sadylek after Sparta

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“It’s a pity that he did not score at least Jard Diviš from the scorer,” Sadylek mentioned, that the Spartan goalman then https://dartfushka-art.tumblr.com/ performed another great procedure.

Slovácko finally lost with Sparta the sixteenth in a row, this time 0 : 4. “I’m sorry about the result, we were not that much worse,” Sadylek sighed. “We’ve had three goals in the game, and Sparta will not be able to make it. We did not find it, we wanted to play football. And if we were to settle it, we would be a little calmer. The first two goals we got were a little bit different, “he added.

Just a native of Uhersky Ostroh, whose younger brother Michal is hosting this year at the PSV Eindhoven Youth Academy, the best performance.In addition to the missile, he has taken on a number of good centers.

“Moreover, he has a striking physical endurance, here he has one of the best in the mannequin. He is able to play without exhaustion. That’s why he does not have such fluctuations in the game, “Svatopluk Habanec, coach of his young coach, praises.

The player has talent. And thanks to the humility that is his own, the glory of one match should not rise in his head. “He spends a lot of time at and outside the stadium with another youngster, Mark Havlík. I see a tremendous taste for football, the joy of every training, to give something extra, “said Habanec.

Sadílek played only eight games in the league so far, thanks to the extraordinary marod, long midfiers Kalouda and Valenta.In addition, Slovácko is missing the attackers Došek, Koné and Kovář, so the next midfielder Diviš had to move to the tip.

After the simultaneous break, most of the injured players should be fit again, so Sadielka will be the way to the pitch it’s harder.

“I’ve mainly counted that maybe I’ll play ten fifteen minutes now, I did not even think of it. I appreciate this and I try to show my coach that I have matured and I have to have a league. I do not want to spoil anymore, on the contrary, I want to help the team, “said Sadílek.

He added to the marod, even though after a fight with the Spartiman Jiráček, the Sunday match was over.However, he came to the next meeting of the top 20. “But I will be ready for the league against Baník Ostrava,” he assures.


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