I do not regret anything, admits the Hungarian cat of Mercedes

The Australian No. 1 Red Bull stays as a lion throughout the Grand Prix of Hungary. While the winner Sebastian Vettel and the other at Daniil Kvjat’s goal made especially that they avoid collisions and accidents, Ricciardo has literally attracted them. Yet he has won valuable points.

Ricardo is fast on Hungaroring, and he also confirmed this year. It was visible in the 49th Energybet free sports bets round, when the slowdown was rolled back into the boxes and began to fight. From the fifth rung he headed forward and the bicycle collided with Lewis Hamilton. Not only did the duel win, it also escaped without serious damage to the monopost. While Brit had to repair the boxes, Ricciardo continued his fighter ride.Hamilton, in addition to the defensive maneuver when he pushed his rival off the line, was punished by way of passage boxes.

“I left everything on the track,” he says. “I still attacked and almost did not see who was sitting in the car in front of me. I am proud of what I have shown today in the race. Whether my fans like it or not, this is my style, “explained the Australian after the race. As he confronted Hamilton, he ran the fastest lap of the race and approached the lead pair. In a moment, Mercedes’s second rider was behind him. Niko Rosberg stopped attacking Sebastian Vettel first and began to focus on defending the second position. It was nothing valid.

Ricciardo went straight ahead at the end of the goal line.The maneuver did not do much and left the track gently, Rosberg did not leave enough space to return to the track and…He missed the left rear tire. With a cut rubber, he circled the wheel before he got to the alley.

Even the Red Bull rider did not get out of the fight without damaging the car. He stopped at the mechanics who replaced his front wing. But he did not lose as much time as Rosberg and the winners were comfortable enough.

“I could stay third and get to the finish, but I can not.

It ended as it ended, but I do not regret it. Such racing is extremely fun to me, Energybet online free bets “added an increasingly appreciated racer.

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