If I refused to bundesliga, I would be a coward, says Kliment

Zdeněk Tulis, the club’s director, had conflicting feelings about this transfer. “It’s complicated. On the one hand, another talented player leaves us. On the other hand, I have to jump in front of the Vysočina educational system, which works. And in front of coaches who are dedicated to him, “she praises.

In the past, Jihlava managed to squeeze good players and future representatives who later went abroad: Defender Theodor Gebre Sellassie or attackers Matěj Vydra and Michaela Rabušice.But they always chose the way through another club in the Czech Republic.

But Kliment, who was already a talented youngster, is another case. “If I compare him to Lukáš Masopust, he was more soccer, with bigger assumptions,” recalls Tulis of the midfielder who transferred to Jablonec in winter. “But the coaches have a lot to decide about the future of the player. And those who have chosen the Masopust for immense diligence and consistency, and Honza had to wait for some chance that Friday, “he says.

But in the winter preparations, a break came. Clement began to sneak on himself. “When he saw that we were able to get out of the top football, he became aware of it. He worked very hard on himself, he was even more humble.And I think he’s been rich now, “Tulis smiles.

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Stuttgart? The best way

The agreement with the German club was said to be fairly easy. “Her success has been decided by three basic things: quick acting, Zorniger coach and Jihlava’s financial feat,” says Kliment’s player agent, David Nehoda. “It was the best way,” adds Kliment.

He flew to Germany on Sunday, passed the health tests yesterday morning and signed the contract at noon.

“What do I know about the new club? Not much for now, “he admitted. “I looked more at the city.Perhaps the collision ended in the table, “he says about the fourteenth bundesliga. “But I would have studied it somewhat more, it would not be enough for that,” he continues.

It is clear that the starting position will not be the easiest. “Surely the competition will be bigger than it was in the Czech Republic. But such a offer can not be denied. If I did, I Energybet sport bet would be a coward, “he has a clever young man.

When familiarizing himself with the new environment, he can rely on the help of a Czech teammate, and VfB is dressed as midfielder Adam Hloušek. “I hope he will help me in the beginning. We’ve seen it before, and I think it’s going to be fine. He is good, “Kliment smiles.

The Czech youth is coming home today – on the turn.The new club will be reported again on Friday. “I do not even know if he is shrugging in Stuttgart or in concentration in Austria.” Anyway, this year’s summer holiday – which he also came to win at the 21st European Championship – will significantly shorten . “But in this case, I certainly do not care,” laughed Kliment. “One half-year without leave, I can keep it.”

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