In the end, Banská Bystrica dramatized, but with Košice, however, it was the sixth consecutive match

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Exactly according to the unproduced script, they departed minutes from the match, which was much more dramatic than it was. Fighting the first and third only confirmed that the home was in a deep crisis and that the Koscians are constantly putting on the winning song. In the weaker stage, the opening goal of Jenčík after 86 seconds of hosts was optimally tuned.

The bulls in the first third of the more serious substitute Riečicki did not threaten, after the goal of Bicek in the 10th minute, when they dropped the puck in the scrum, they played two goals and could even three, Bartoš more.

In the second third, the home team scored exactly two chances.Saracino did not change his hopes when he again won the goalie. Ironmongers took the lead without a strain, in the 26th minute Strbak shot from the blue shot uncompromisingly over the Kalemba flask just when the power was over and Handlovsky still did not get involved in the game. The 4th goal in the 36th minute only highlighted the ‘baranov’ suffering in the offensive or in the defensive, leaving the free Jenčík in front of the goal and it was no longer necessary.

Sixth in a row behind the Bystričany hardly could the third third to avert, but at least they were asked to mitigate the unpleasant difference in the score. The audience wishes to meet in the 48th min White, even in weakness, after working with Meland and the Dow.They were given the opportunity to play two-player play for three Kosmas exclusions. In the 51st minute Handlovsky’s close up reduced to two goals and when the guests once again filled the penalty bench with two players, they were already alert. The Koscians with their toes defended their nails and did not allow more of the rampage. Exactly 1:58 min before the end of the game came home play, but no effect.

Vladimír Országh, coach B. Bystrice: “It is difficult to judge me, there is nothing we want, but the chalan confidently leaves, the blanket to feel unmistakably We are glad that the break will come, it should help us mentally.Against Košiceam we did not want to play the game very much, but the individual bugs were multiplied, we did not use the chances. It is a shame we did not shoot the goal earlier and did not get the impulse we need. [/ B]

we were prepared for Bystrici, we expected to try to win after a series of defeats. We checked the game for two-thirds, did not let go of the opponent, and when it was resolved by Riečický.In the third third there was a lack of discipline, a lukewarm approach, we offered two goals for the home side, but in a further weakening of the two players we defended and won the wins. “

Richard Jenčík, author of two goals Basket: “It was important that we immediately scored a goal in the beginning, jumped to the opponent by a difference of two, we applied our system with well-closed midfield. We were swift counterattacks, we added more goals, only a pity. Twice we threw the puck through plexiglass, but we defended it, that’s exactly what we wanted to end up before victory. “

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