Interest in Schicka is growing. The famous Inter wants to redeem it for 660 million

The transition deadline is hardly over, but Patrick Schick is still talking in Italy. According to some reports, interest in the Czech Forward continues to grow, especially in Inter Milan. The famous club is said to be willing to pay an exit clause in the amount of 25 million euros (about 660 million crowns). As wrote at the end of January, Schick’s performance in the first six months in the colors of Sampdoria was so interesting, That he was interested in the front teams of Italian Serie A, including AS Rome, Fiorentina and the two Milan teams. Genoa Club said he refused a bid of about 400 million crowns.However, it looks like he will have to resist other hunters in the summer.

According to La Repubblica, the former Sparta or Bohemians striker is increasingly seeking Inter and the management is supposed to pay the exit clause in the summer, Which would make 25 million euros.

This would be a huge leap in comparison with the amount paid by Sampdoria in Letenský summer when it was 4 million euros (approx.Crowns). This is a hot topic in Italy, and repeated questions to officials and current employers, even if they deny that some kind of agreement is coming up.

The lawyer Antonio Romei, Sampdoria’s right hand Massim Ferrer, admitted that Met at lunch with a representative of Inter, but he refused to jointly deal with possible transfers of the Czech representative and Luis Muriel, of which he is also interested. “We met, but there is nothing to say, it is only February,” he said for

Speculation was also expressed by director Carlo Osti. “Schick performs amazing things and will be a top player. However, it will continue in Sampdoria.It is premature to talk about some offers, “he said.

The twenty-year-old shooter acted very quickly in Italy and attracted his shooting talents. Although in thirteen of the seventeen matches he came to the pitch as alternating, he managed to score five goals, twice to hit the home cup.

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