Isinbaiev finished her career: I won all the medals. And without doping

Russian girlfriend Jelena Isinbajev has finished her career. A two-time Olympic champion and world record holder announced it at a press conference today at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic venue where she was not allowed to start because of the doping scandal in Russia. 36-year-old Isinbaiev was elected to the sports committee on Thursday in Rio.

It inspired her to want to do something other than racing. “I mean, I’m not good at sports, I’m goodbye to my stick, my medal,” she said.

Isinbaiev won the Olympics in Athens and Beijing, four years ago she was bronze. He is also a triple champion of the world. “I’m very happy to have fulfilled my dreams.I have won all the medals available, all the titles available, I have won the trust and love of all the fans in the world, “she said.

She emphasized that she had achieved extraordinary achievements without the help of unlawful support.” I did it again and again, All of my tests were negative, “she said.

The three best athlete of the world was one of the loudest critics of the ban on the start of Russian athletes in Rio by the IAAF International Federation. Their judge, “she said.

She wants to run a campaign to abolish the ban on international racing for a Russian athlete, and is also considering taking the bid to become the head of the Russian athletic federation. Serious challenge.When I get back from the Olympics, I’ll meet the Federation President. We are talking about my future role, “she said.

Still feels wrong about how the IAAF behaves against Russian athletes: No one in the international federation has ever congratulated her for being elected to the sports committee. We were the same team, but for some reason I did not receive any congratulations, “she said.

Isinbaiev planned a goodbye already after the 2013 World Cup in Moscow, which took place in 2013. After the birth of Eva’s daughter in June 2014 returned to training and at this year’s Russian championship it jumped 490 centimeters.But she did not want to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The finals of the rock contest that will be held in Rio today will not be seen. “When you race without Isinbaev, it will not be a full gold medal,” she said.

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