Kubala and Hadrava were not good at the start of the ME at Dutch favorites

While the Czech couple got to the Klagenfurt championship thanks to the wild card, Nummerdor and Varenhorst are set up and four weeks after the silver at the World Cup in The Hague they want to win another medal. In the first match, the Czechs were greatly offended, yet the Dutch played the role of a favorite and scored the first prize in group A.

“On the one hand, we are glad that we played relatively fairly with them and forced them to go to the third set .It has shown us that we can play with everybody and we can get quite positive from this point of view, even if there were mistakes, “Kubala told CTK. “We are waiting for two playable couples who will not be as high on the block as Varenhorst,” he added.

The opening set started by Hadrava ace and after a completely balanced run, Kubala finished the second set. “They may have been from the position of the favorites that they would win alone, and we played a relaxed and balanced game. At the end of the set, after the Ace, we missed the difference of two points and we have already stayed, “said Kubala and praised the traditionally good stage at Klagenfurt. “There’s a lot of fans here and the atmosphere was good.We have family members here, so we feel the support. “

But the Dutch improved the attack, created pressure and gained a key lead from the 13:12. The decisive Kubal set did not go, the Dutch focused on him, and the older pair of Czechs helped them with mistakes.

“They pushed us through the service, we were tired of side-outs and that was key. After the mistakes they made and it is difficult to catch up against such a rival. At the moments when it broke, they showed their strength, “said Kubala.

On Thursday, the only Czech participants in the Austrian ME will encounter the Swiss couple Philip Gabathuler, Mirco Gerson, on Friday will fight against the Turks Volkan Gögtepe and Murat Giginoglu.Three couples move from each group to play off. “The system gives us a great chance of the procedure we want to take,” added Kubala.

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