Late Arrivals of Koukal? I was a little mad at her, laughs Finka

DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA Being a race to race a medal, they are great friends. “You know, when we were so many times on the podium or the press conferences, we know each other better than with other competitors,” Kaisa Mäkäräinen jokes about her past and past battles with Gabriella Koukalova. And if you are still waiting for a medal in MS at Hochfilzen, she believes her time will come.

How do you enjoy current and past fighting with Gabriel Koukal?
I do not look back too much, it is hard for me to remember the results of the past MS and I try to concentrate on what awaits me. However, it is true that the battles hurt with her much, because she is a fast cross-country woman and a quality shooter. O much better than me.So it’s hard to beat her. “

How do you like her distraction, and there are late arrivals…
(jumps to speech). “That is a fact. She often goes late, I can confirm it. (Laughs). I have my experience with that. Maybe in Ruhpolding for the evening medal announcement we waited for her half an hour in the winter before she arrived. I was a little angry then, but it soon got over me. “

Do you have a lot of good relationships with Czech biathlonists?
In common. I’ve known a lot of people for a long time. For example, Ondřej Rybář stayed home during last summer when he was visiting Finland. He saw how we were building the house. It’s nice to have friends and other teams.And in the Czech Republic I know that if I needed some help, I can always knock on the door and it will please me. “

In the World Cup you are paying for the fastest cross-country skiing, but now it is not so great at the world championship . What’s going on in the sprint and in the fighter race, did you have to overtake Koukalová?
“It’s complicated, because the track is very short and there are few opportunities where you can make some headway. The first part is very simple and does not make the difference between good and worse competitors. There is only one short hill where you can make some headway. But just in another endurance race and a mass start race, the routes are longer and look forward to them.The end of the MS is slowly approaching, so I hope I will be able to go faster than the others. I believe that at least one of them will be good for me. “

Last time you stood on the podium at MS 2015 in Kontiolahti, you have only five medals from the top events.

“Well, it’s been a couple of years now, that’s true, but I’m still at the highest levels in the World Cup. You do not choose where you will be on the stage. Take, for example, Oberhof or Pokljuka, where I made two mistakes in the sprint and was in the stadiums, while here I made the same number of mistakes and was twelve.It matters a lot, which day the other contestants have, so let’s see. “

And as far as your discussion of Lahti classics is concerned, are you already clear?
“No. We are in the middle of the world championship and I only focus on him. Moreover, it depends on many other things.This is not a topic for me this week and I’ll decide after it. “

In Gabriele Koukalová, the fighter’s goal was mixed by the excitement of the bronze bronze and the disappointment of the missed chance for a more valuable medal…

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