Motorcycles in Brno: Amen? It should be clear until Saturday

It will be a reminder of history and an extraordinary step. Motor racing and their winners have long been laurel wreaths, but for years this tradition has been trapped in both F1 and MotoGP. This is because the sponsors and the patrons are hiding the sponsors’ logos and patrons so they “robbed” the space on television.

Now that the Grand Prix in Brno celebrates 50 years since the first race of the world championship, the strict business protectors They agreed to return Energybet sporting bet to the beginnings.So on Sunday, nine men in three categories will have laurels.

But when the head of the circuit, Ivan Ulman, along with Minister of Education Kateřina Valachová will decorate Rossi, Lorenzo, Márquez (or others) around the third afternoon, this may be the last time the audience in Brno will see the best of MotoGP.

The race may be waiting for a bust and falling into oblivion.

“I will not say I hope in the next year, I hope for nothing. I can only say that I agree with the comment, which was recently released at MF DNES and which cost: Cancel the Grand Prix. It is undignified for MotoGP as well as for the entire republic, “Ulman said Wednesday.And when it comes to Sunday, it will be best to pass the laurel wreaths, it will not know if it is the last time.


The day before, the “ultimatum” expires, which was given to the circle by Carmelo Ezpeleta, head of Dorna, which organizes the motorcycle Energybet sports bet championship. For the last two years, Masaryk’s circuit owes him four million euros, about 110 million crowns for the so-called enrollment fee, ie the right to organize the event at all.

While he had promised a subsidy from public money, even a 30- Lies “ladem” on the account of the South Moravian Region, but the support did not come, so Ezpeleta said: By 15.August I want to guarantee that the public sector will be part of the race in the future, otherwise the Czech Grand Prix is ​​amen.

“The negotiations with Mr. Ezpeletou are now outside us. Everything is on the side of the Ministry of Education, “Ulman says. Minister Valach (CSSD), Mayor of Brno Petr Vokřal (YOE) and South Moravian Governor Michal Hašek (CSSD) are really in a hurry to negotiate a special association that would Had to finance MotoGP next year.

Today’s birth must be approved by the exceptionally convened councils of the region and Brno. But in the case of the city, there is an unexpected difficulty: many delegates have gone on vacation or business trips, so it is not certain whether the plan will find sufficient support at all.

Moreover, there is even more serious trouble: Who and how will that debt pay?”The problem is that the club will define our position precisely.”

Dorna insists that the safety of the race should be done because we have experience, trained staff and background. Unfortunately, some who join the club claim that the Automotodrome should provide only background and the rest of it will be provided by state officials, which seems absurd to me. “

Ulman is hinting at the antagonistic relationship with Hašek.

The mediator of both parties could be the Ministry of Education or the City of Brno. “Negotiations are still ongoing and we publish the results after 15.August, “the ministry spokesperson Jitka Jezkova said without further details.

And Ulman reacts: “The Minister, after taking up the problem, took it and tried to solve it. But its situation is very cumbersome and hinders huge obstacles, whether legislative or power…”

Is it going to be amen on Sunday? At least that with laurels on the neck and with five crosses in the back will be stylish goodbye.

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