Pete Sampras is getting older and tennis is getting more and more changed

They spoke to him “Pistol Pete” for his crushing service, which he knew to go immediately to the network. It was this tennis on Sampras so loved. Tennis, which is currently practicing few, of the world’s top players, especially the popular Swiss Roger Federer.

“The others are good, big characters, but they still play the same way, they play balls from the base line,” former Tomáš Šmíd, a former Czech representative for

Samprasa also adorned infallible forhend and fast legs. His tennis overall was so “easy”. And he rarely showed emotions.

It was not a big word, it was better to convince the courts. “I will never sit and say that I am the best player of all.I’ve won a lot of titles, and he’s talking to me, “he said.

And his aging rival, André Agassi, also complimented him later.” I can say without shadow of doubt that Pete was the best player I played against. “

It is pointless to name what he has done, and even to argue who is the best tennis player of all time, and that is what many have tried to do, but comparing different tennis times is logically unthinkable.Although Federer, who has already erased some Sampras records, once said: “It is obvious that Pete is the best player we ever did.”

“And against the best he would have succeeded in his peak today,” says Smid. “Even though the current players are much better physically ready.”

Just in physical difficulty, tennis today differs from the previous one. It’s faster, stronger. On blood.

“Moreover, the competition is getting bigger,” recalls former tennis player Bohdan Ulihrach. “You also had a point in the ATP ladder before you were on 700th place.Today he is twice as good in this position. “He himself has been sitting with Sampras on the court several times during his career.” He did not belong to my unpopular rivals, on the contrary, he could play with him. “

The world of Samprasov was difficult to leave eight years ago, but at the end of his career, the giant has managed to do a great job, ending up as a US Open winner, even though he has been depreciated.

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