Pilsen – Vojvodina 3: 0, the champion under the new coach won and has a lead

Pilsen in retaliation is enough to defeat two goals and if they score a goal, even three. When the match in Serbia is over, it will advance to the European League’s main group and return to the European Cups after an annual pause.

All three goal moments were good.

A corner kick and Kovařík chose an unexpected solution. Centr sent to Rajtoral, who was lying completely alone outside the penalty area.

It was a trained signal, but Rajtoral’s shot did not work. The ball slid off the crossbar, so the goal of the goal was shot in the penalty area. However, Kopic was quick to react – without a preparation, he beat a balloon that ended behind the back of the helpless goalkeeper of Jakula.

Six minutes after the break, Vanek drew from a distance.The hard wound wiped at the foot of one of the defenders, so Žakula only vainly stretched it and then buried her head into the lawn – 2: 0.

Parallel third interventions were arranged in 82 minutes by Petrzela. On the right, he rounded off the opponent and relaxed to the pass that he found the hovering and free Kopice. And the close up added his second run.

The game was a premiere for Krejci’s chief coach and assistant Horváth who joined the team on Sunday after Koubek’s coach was withdrawn.

And they both can be satisfied . Pilsen was better and it did not lead to a single serious chance. Conversely, leadership could have been even more pronounced. Maybe if…

…Kolář po Ďurišově passi ran the goalie himself.But when he felt the back of his defender, he fired in clear from a small lime a chance outside.

…Vaněk beautifully fired from a distance just to the pole, but the goal keeper Žakula made a good step and the ball went to the corner. >

…Ďuriš headed for Kovařík’s center close, but once again the guest goalkeeper Žakula made it great.

Plzeň played active, offensive, taste. After the ball’s profit, she immediately broke into the attack. In the middle of the pitch there was a lot of active Hrošovský, who tried most of the balls to give away quickly to the running teammates.

Just the Slovak midfielder was one of the three new players in the basic set.In addition, defender Procházka (who was officially wounded on Friday) and Kovářík left wing (2: 2) were on top of the last match in Teplice. He did not get to Lamb, Horava, and Petržel.

After Pilsen’s second goal, he took a bit off. But even so, the opponent did not let go of anything. Vojvodina scored just a few shots from a distance, which was watched by goalkeeper Kozáčik. For the first time in the season, he kept a clean account.

Vojvodina is in the Serbian league fifth five points behind the leader, but it is a match for good. Her strength demonstrates progress in the European League from third round through Sampdoria Genoa, which in the first match missed 4: 0.She had won four times before defeating West Bohemia in the last five games. But Pilsen did not use her for any reason, she had a solid lead before the retaliation and interrupted the unpleasant series of four competitive games without victory.

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