Sevilla FC – Espanyol Barcelona 6:4

sanuparuWow, this is the result! Sevilla decided after unsuccessful Supercup compensate the fans and in the first league match against Espanyol tennis result 6: 4th Coach Jorge Sampaoli Although not satisfied with the defensive, but what is important that the home has three points.

Firefight at an aged stadium Sanchez Pizjuan guests started and already in the ninth minute. Pablo Piatti exchanged balloon Baptistaem, whereupon the latter returning pass under and Piatti shot in the fall from the pole for the first time surpassed Rica goalkeeper. Sevilla tried to immediate response, but Vietti withstood at Robert. Winner of the last three editions of the Champions League but he still soon leveled. Pablo Sarabia in lime hopped on a cross and a well placed header gave 1: 1st

In 22 minutes already home for the first time in the match, and again they led to cross-acted precisely enough (corner) and unerringly hlavičkující Luciano Vietti. But it was against Espanyol for another four minutes ejected Piatti Hernán Pérez put the crib Rico – 2: 2nd Before the end of the half guests from Barcelona took the lead back, Rico still managed to leave a promising attempt to ground, but against the hilarious wound from a middle distance in the administration of Victor Sanchez was already short. But even this lead did not last, and yet at the set time of the first half compared to 3: 3 great playing Vietti, to which the ball bounced star Seville then burned everything in front of her.

Thus, viewers saw in the first half six goals, but it certainly did not end the shootout. After 54 minutes, beautifully he fired Franco Vazquez and Roberto hunted the fourth ball of the network. In another ten minutes later Sevilla bounced on the difference of two goals. Vertical Sarabia got back to Robert Ben Yedder 5 – 3 for Seville. And when fifteen minutes before the end after a similar event raised already at 6: 3 Hiroshi Kiyotaka, was the winner of the match decided. The last word, however, had espanyolský Gerard Moreno, his brilliant solo could not chop off Sergio Rico and the end result that took the form of 6: 4th

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