Shepherd confirmed her sovereignty, and Spaghetti dominated the Diamond League

Czech athletics still has three diamond show champions.

In addition to the Hejn, Spotakova won it, which after the victories in 2010, 2012 and 2014 is now rebuilding Beijing’s failure in its fourth diamond, and another sharpshooter Vítězslav Veselý, who celebrated in 2012 and 2013, and third victory to attack next Friday in Brussels, when the program is finishing his discipline. The starting situation is promising because it leads six points to Finn Pitkämäki, the bronze of Beijing.

Hey, who was undefeated last year and injured last year, has done a dot for her sovereign position in the main part of the season.In fact, she did not know too much of her loss – the July diamond meetings held in Paris, London and Stockholm, in Beijing dominated the start, the semifinals and the finals.

And now again victory, seventh in a row.

“I will do everything to win.I’m going to make a decision between me and Kalies Spencer, so I’m expecting a big fight, “Heynah reminded before Zurich departure that Jamaica, the four-time winner of the Beijing medal winning series, could only threaten her triumph from the second place in the overall ranking.

And her words were full of Czech athletes at her time of 54.47, being almost a second worse than Beijing, she had no rival, and her only competitor in the Spencer diamond race was the fourth for 55 , 29 seconds.

“I am happy that I ended this season in a beautiful way. After last year’s promised season, I would not even dream of winning the World Championship and the Diamond League.Today it was a hard race, I had to fight to the end, now I’m looking forward to rest, “said Hejna after the victory.

Spotáková found peace and well-being

” I will give it to Zurich, Lukáš and Janeček will join me, it will be good, “Barbora Spotakova said in Beijing. “I think I can do it, now I want a nice break for the season,” she added four days before Zurich.

And in Zurich, she found both the well-being in the company of her loved ones and the successful end of the season.The first attempt did not change sixties (59,70), but then it improved to 64,31 meters in the fourth series, which took the others breath.

But the opponents have faded – the biggest in the fight for diamonds, South Africa Sunette Viljoen, bronze from Beijing, ended up to tenth, and World Champion Katharina Molitor from Germany rescued third place in the last throw.

“I’m winning the Weltklasse and the Diamond League as a satisfying world championship. This is very important for me due to the Olympic Year. The championship did not work out, the Diamond League, yes, and I believe it is positive for the Olympics, I look forward to it. Today, the Czech flag has helped me in the auditorium and the fact that people cheered on me.The fact that I felt their support even after the failure of the World Cup helped me a lot. They hold me, they believed me and I love them and thank them very much, “Spotakova said after the race. Like Hejna, the world record holder, in addition to the diamond, also gets a $ 40,000 bonus, almost a million crowns.

Grade Jaroslav Bába took the sixth place for 223 centimeters, the 1 500 meter runner Jakub Holuša finished 12th and stayed fifth in the overall Diamond Diary account.

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