The Eighth Koukal in Korea improved, Dahlmeier declassified everyone

The biathlete Gabriela Koukalová has scored eighth in the World Cup Fighting Championship in Pchjongchchang, Korea, and has improved thirteen places against Sprint. Her current sovereignty was confirmed by German Laura Dahlmeier, who has clearly won the next Olympic Games.

Another Czech biathlete Eva Puskarcikova has fallen in the fighter, she had to five penalty wheels and from the sixteenth place after the sprint dropped to 39th position. Veronika Vítková set off on the 53st race track and resigned after three shots.

The owner of a complete set of medals from the recent World Cup championship has made two mistakes on the shooting range; For the first time, she passed the last blow in the opening lair and for the second time she did the third attempt at the first stand.After the last stop on the firing range, she continued eleventh but had the fastest run time of all and in the last round she beat three opponents.

Dahlmeierová graduated practically a solo race. From the first stop on the firing range she headed ahead and won a minute and twelve seconds ahead of Fink Kaisa Mäkäräinen. Even after the last item, following the final blow, Martina Fourcada turned to the tribunes and trainers and, in the winning gesture, raised her arms over her head. The third was French Anaiss Bescond.

German Dahlmeier won the SP race for the fifth consecutive time and is on the best way to win a big crystal globe for the overall triumph this season.Five races before the end of the season have more than a hundred points ahead of Koukal’s lead.

1. Dahlmeier (Germany) 27: 58.07 (0 rounds) 2. Mäkäräinen (Fin.) -1: 12, 53), (3) Bescond (Fr.) -1: 18.90 (1) 4. Eckhoff (Nor.) -1: 32.02 (5) 5. Dunklee 51 (3), 6. Hildebrand (Germany) -1: 42.67 (1), 7. Jimova (Ukr) -1: 56.55 (1), b. (2), 9. Olsbu (Nor.) -2: 04.08 (1), 10. Fialková (SR) -2: 04.55 (2) , .39. Puskarčíková -3: 59,4 (5), Vítková (both Czech Republic) did not finish.

1023, 2. Koukalová 911, 3. Mäkäräinenová 873, 4.Dorinová Habertová (Fr.) 711, 5. Wiererová (It.) 627, 6. Chevalierová (Fr.) 579,…10. Puskarčíková 492, 25. Vítková 249, 54. Charvátová 77, 87.

Davidová 13.

12:30 fighter race 12.5 km men.

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