The multi-party meeting in Kladno attracts: Klučinová vs. World Champion

For Eliška Klucinova, the Sedmibojer plant in Kladno is promised mainly in even years. It won him in 2010 and then 2012 and 2014. This year he will want to break this year’s game.

He will try to win in odd year 2015. “I’m not the main favorite, but I do not give them free,” promised sympathetic Atlet. “I have lived and trained in Kladno for six years, feeling at home here, and every time I am racing here,” she added.

The ninth year of the TNT Express Meeting will have major stars in Ukrainian Kasjanov’s husbands.The starting list of women, which is occupied better than the men, was supplemented by the excellent Polka Karolina Tymińska, who had already started several times in Kladno and three times the other.

On the other hand, Ashton Eaton, the organizers who were struggling to reach the final moment, will eventually not arrive in Kladno.

The winning world champion Hanna Kasjanov won in Kladno in 2013, The season did not go too well. “The training was good, we did a lot of work and this season should be different from last year.I am well prepared not only for this meeting, which I like, but also for the whole season, “Kasjanovova told CTK after yesterday’s arrival in Kladno. “Mainly that good competition will be here,” she added.

With a personal record of 6,586 points, Tymenska has a total of 6,544 and Klucinova with a national maximum of 6,460 will also want to fight for the first.

Two weeks ago in Götzis, Second career career 6 349 points. Last year, Kladno created the current Czech record and this year the tables could change for the fourth time.

Olexej Kasjanov (personal record of 8,479 points) won in Kladno in 2010 and last year and will be a clear favorite.His biggest rival should be New Zealander Brent Newdick, a personal record of over 8,000 points still held by Frenchman Romain Martin. “I dare to improve my own personal records, the preparation was great, but it has to come together. But I’m optimistic, the total amount should be decent, “the Ukrainian plans for big points.

Only Marek Lukáš will be the only male to start, because his participation in Götzis was surrendered by junior world champion Jiří Sýkora.Not even Adam Sebastian Helcelet, who has problems with achilles, will not start.

Among the women in the starting list, seven more than 6,000 points are nine.

After last weekend’s appointment, Mint moved to Friday and Saturday mainly because of the athletic extraliga on Sunday at the Kladno stadium. Friday’s start at Slepti stadium is scheduled for 10.50, Saturday’s first discipline is ready for 10.00.

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