The Slovakian Hockey Dream of the Medal Ends: In the Quarter Final Hot Debakel from Canada

CAVALESE – Slovakia’s hockey team failed in the 26th World Winter Universiade in a quarter-final match with Canada, scoring a high 0-6. At the Municipal Ice Arena, they have been pulling from the start of the duel for a shorter end and their opponents have set up a three-goal lead in the opening twenty minutes.

Igor Tótha will be coming on Thursday in the 5th – 8th place in Gianmario Scola Arena against Czech selection (16.30). The Slovaks met with the same opponent in the basic B-group and won 3: 2 after separate raids.

in which they collected three races. Already 8 minutes into the match, Loydla Heelis repelled a 1 – 0 lead.The Canadians continued their active game, skating well and Carroll’s second accurate hit was 2: 0. A few seconds later, he confirmed the dominance of “maple leaves” by the third goal of Desousa, who pushed the puck up behind Cibul’s back. At the end of the third, the Slovak selection was available for a 5 to 3 presidential game, but instead of correcting the unfavorable situation, he almost recovered from the Culligan stick. From 25 minutes, double-crossed players had more than a two-minute two-handed game of play, but the situation did not change. The Canadians struck again four minutes before the end of the second, after Bloodoff made the ideal pass from behind the goal – 4: 0. At the end of the second third, the Slovak team played again against 5 against 3 (1:55), but it was not even able to score in it.In the final game, the Canadians controlled the game and the Slovaks did not shoot in the shooting opportunities. On the other hand, Cibuľa won the fifth goal of Canadian captain Culligan for the fifth time, and Carroll scored 6 minutes later.

Igor Tóth, coach SR: ” My players did the maximum performance they had and I think we can be proud of them. “The opponent played his typical Canadian hockey with a lot of physical fights, and we won the third goal from the opponent’s skates and there was a break, we could not modify the result either cosmetically, “

Martin Kalinic, SR striker: ” We are sad, the match can be one in which we can defeat Canada.”

Matus Rais, Captain SR: ” We knew what a duel would be and how it would play Canada. We expected them to skate, cope, so many personal fights, we tried to defy them, but showed us the effectiveness at the end. It was obvious that they were clearly better. “

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