The story of Catherine Emmons’ career or a fairy tale story

Just before the race, she locked into her own world, into a silent bubble in which her mind cleared every inch of her muscles. She searched for signs of something wrong. And then she fired.

But when she just did not burn at the target, every conversation with Catherine Emmons was spilling like living water. She was and is the man who energizes you and gives you a piece of your positive mood.

For a look fragile, inside an extremely strong woman.

“When half the water is in the glass, About her being half full, not half empty. So I look at the world, “he says.She believes what she gives herself, she will come back again. “And it’s been confirmed so far.”

So she won the Olympic medal.

So she and her husband Matt slaughtered his cancer.

Last year he was joking about having a life linked to a network chart: “The first Olympics, the wedding, the second olympiad, Birth of a son. “The Fourth Olympiad, the one in Rio, was to follow. “And then we’re not going to continue,” she said.

But the real life is not a network chart. “

” We have plenty of kids, “said Matt Emmons, when Martin Henry’s son Henry arrived after his daughter Julian.

But…Why could not they even have more?

Catherine and Matt Emmons are expecting a third child, this November is to be born. Catherine is not going to shoot at Rio.

And no other olympics.

On Thursday, after seven o’clock in the evening, she officially announced what had been going on for a long time. She said aloud the decision she had already made in April.

“I’ll end. And I was very relieved, “she said, laughing. It was not just another maternity that she was so pleased with, but also the insistent feeling that she had to switch over her turn in her life.

“I was the last to have this spring,” she admits. “I was sick, tired, pulled pneumonia. They told me it was a total exhaustion.And continuing a career at the cost of health simply does not cost. Another reason was the family. Traveling, evening training, racing head, and stress around the organization of watchkeeping, that’s not a recipe for a happy family for me. I really want to enjoy it. “

Sure, examples of shooters who have reached the medal even after the forties are not uncommon.

“I’ll show you what I can do!”

She ends up with such a wonderful career that she did not have to start at all. That her father was a successful shooter? So what? Little Katka became a swimmer. How diametrically different her life could have if her health troubles were not taken in the pool. She trained more than the others, but she swam more slowly.When the cup of patience overcame, she looked at fifteen after another sport.

Shooting training was then attempted somehow by the way. Then the races. She fired 370 points out of 400 possible and cried because she did not show what she could do for the training. But those tears were good news. They meant that the sport of shooting took it.

“Not like that! I can do better. And I can do it, “she promised.

At eighteen she became a sensational world champion. At twenty, still under the surname Kůrková, she won an Olympic bronze in 2004 in Athens. She traveled to the winner’s grades and drove her dad’s tongue. “Well, the girl is still cowardly,” he laughed.

Just 0.9 point at the acropolis was divided by gold.With a disarming smile, however, she said, “It would be unjust if I had won so young and inexperienced. I just wanted to shoot the best in my life. “

A year later she wanted to quit.

She did not like the loss of privacy and the feeling that her life was dictated by others. “I thought I was going by train, from which I could not get off. So I said quite a bit, “she was back to the 2005 summer crisis. Perhaps she might have filled her intent and plunged into the study of physiotherapy if there were no paths to Colorado and the love that had arisen between her and Matt . A new friend drew her back to fire.

At home in Pilsen, in the kitchen, she told her parents. Somewhat they screamed.She, the homely guy, the little girl who did not go to any camps, and even the language stay in France refused, started dating with the American? And if only with somebody. “

” You’re telling me you’re dating Emmons, right? “Said Dad Kurka.

” Well, P> Dad thought for a while, then resigned: “Okay.” In January 2006 Matt came to the cottage and went with his future father-in-law for a beer. The crust found out, “It’s a good guy.” The next year they celebrated the wedding.

For the 2008 Beijing Games, she was leaving with the surname Emmons and as a favorite.In the head she said, “You are not a sharpener, so show it to you.” After the last shot she fired at the Beijing shooting range from her airbag, she looked at her father, showing her a raised thumb and Catherine conjured up Face disbelieving expression. I? First? Really? Are you serious? Matt kissed her lovingly and the photos of that kiss became a worldwide hit.

From Fairy Tales

She added the silver from the scarf and said, “I feel I’m ready to become a mom. So what else to wait for? Family is more important than sports. The sport is gone, the children will stay. “

Julien was born and the fairytale story continued. Everything was perfect.Until the doctors told Matt: You have thyroid cancer.

His inner strength had to be handed over to him now.

When he was able to defeat the cancer, Emmons experienced euphoria that they could not experience in any shooting triumph. “I said, O. K., the main fight ended,” Matt said. “What does not kill you makes you stronger. You did not die, so now live again. The fairytale does not stop. “

Every Catherine had one of his Olympic medals. She was looking for another motivation for a while. The body was not listening, fighting the hip. The worries were getting worse. Dad Kůrka noticed: “Mother Katka’s psychological benefit is more responsible.But on the other hand, the care of Julina will take a lot of time. “She went back to the shooting range and headed for London 2012.

” I want to prove something as a mother, “she said. Fourth was the end of the Thames, and other athletes would cry. But she was somewhere else. She put down the rifle after the race and smiled: “I’m also grateful for the 4th place. I struggled like a lion and pulled out what I could. “Dad and Matt made a potato medal for her. “And now the collection is complete,” Kůrka said.

Was that over? No, not yet. Last year, Julian had a brother and Emmons ended their life on the trunks. The eternal journey between their two homes in Colorado Springs and Pilsen was full of teeth. Why should they keep flying back and forth like butterflies?Especially when time became deficient.

“There are times when I need to restart and clean my head,” she said. Which was mostly a quieter week at home when she did not see the shooting range.

Matt was always close to the Czech Republic. They agreed that they would definitely settle in Pilsen. In a giant container, they left the States to send things to which they had an emotional relationship.

Catherine returned to the races, despite the striking body and knee problems here and there. She restricted her workouts to an hour per day. It was seventh in the European Championship this March, and it seemed to be heading to Rio 2016. But the opposite was true. Illness brought her to the edge of her career. Soon she was pregnant.

That was the last impulse.

Suddenly, it was clear to the sun that he wanted to live otherwise.She was ready to conclude a life chapter.

Until next year in Rio, the Olympian fire will go up and stay at home. But he will not regret anything.

“I love sports,” he says. “I’ve had a lot of things to do with him. But it is time to end this chapter and become a working mother. When I look at Rio, he will be a great fan of both the Czech and American teams. “Matt will carry the flag of the family’s clan.

She will take care of the happiness of the family fireplace.

“Happiness wishes ready,” says Catherine Emmons. “This is true both in sports and in life. For success and for a nice relationship they have to fight. “

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