Toyota won the Latvala. What did he say about VW, a new car or Ogier?

DIRECT FROM HELSINEK Matador Jari-Matti Latvala had to start looking for a new team a few weeks ago. From January, it will collect points for Toyota Gazoo Racing. The Finnish competitor has long-term experience with Ford, but also with subaru, volkswagen and toyota. He is back in the Japanese brand after many years and is excited.

What is it like to be part of Toyota Gazoo Racing?
“I am glad to be in Toyota When he re-enters the championship after many years. Like going home. I remember how I started in Finland with Corolla WRC in 2005.I have four toyots in my home garage. “

What can you say about the Yaris WRC after a few days of testing?
” It certainly has great potential but we still have to work on the car I know that 2017 will be a lot to test the car, but I’m grateful for this chance. “

Have you already recognized the advantages of the car and what needs to be improved? / strong>
“I was satisfied with aerodynamics, vehicle strength and brakes. But some things still need time and development, it was felt, for example, in hanging wheels on asphalt. Further testing will show which settings are best and the car is best suited. This is common with new models. “

Before Volkswagen announced its ending in the WRC, you were able to test the Polo WRC for the new year.Can you compare it with Yaris WRC?
“It’s hard to do, with every car riding on another surface. It is difficult to say which was faster. Yaris has a job before, but at the same time I feel good about it. For example, on a slippery surface it’s excellent. “

Can you describe feelings after the announcement that Volkswagen ends in a rally?
” Like someone taking your ground under your feet. , When it was not clear what was going on, I think it was the hardest time in my life, I just waited, things started moving at the beginning of last December, and finally I was relieved and I could get a good breath. P> Have you seen new energy?
“I found the motivation to win. My dream is the title of world champion and now I have the opportunity again.If you enter the championship as a private, you can make a good result, but it’s not enough to win it. “

Did you have any fear of competing in the Finnish Championship in 2017?

Your recent colleague, Sebastien Ogier, has contracted the M-Sport team. Are they rivals now?
“We are still friends. But when we ride on a track in different colors, we are ruthless rivals. “

The championship will start traditionally in Monte Carlo, what do you expect from it?
” Anything to see, I have not tested so much.If we come after the first three competitions among the top five, I will be happy. “

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