View fan Nitra deserved the title for the audience

In Nitra the last days and weeks about anything other than speak about hockey. It has long been so happy about any city on the final Extraligy like these days Nitra on their first.

In Košice the first games came hundreds of Nitra fans. Many took leave straight for two days and slept well in Kosice on Thursday’s second round. For others installed on the square in Nitra large screens. Steel Arena sold out by

Two matches in Nitra on Friday sold out in a few hours. People stood in line since 5:15 this morning.The official capacity is 3,600 seats, but unofficially nobody knows how many fans standing on the stadium embark (a few years ago with less seating capacity was 5,500 spectators.) The argument that the concern is about 15,000 tickets, is probably an exaggeration, but the Košice Steel Arena by about Nitra at a reasonable input crowded.

If you have something worthy to Nitra to their first finals turned into a title, so it is precisely the audience.Several coaches visiting teams in recent years, saying that nowhere in Slovakia is not a better atmosphere at hockey than here.

“In Nitra is an amazing atmosphere where you can not play badly,” said this winter Július Šupler. With all due respect to slovanisti who particularly enjoyed KHL last year, but nadšenejších viewers around as Nitra has been possible only hockey Brno. Ten years fanúšikovania

And it’s not just a matter of a successful season. Nitra hockey boom began after more than a decade ago, and more or less takes now.In the season 2005/2006 team won the rutabagas, Kollar and Milo often driven crowded stadium, from which the audience come away with hoarseness and sore throat palms, the base part.

In the decisive match in the semifinals to Zilina (after shocking appeal Stavjaňu coach, leading the team and now) gone in ten working day bus fans.

We could not, even if the final Nitra reached. When that time came and gave Lelkeš in the fifth match in overtime Bystrica flow goal, stadium thanking gamers almost half an hour.Fans went even weaker seasons

In recent years, the team that often struggles with debt, lack of money or hasty moves funkcionárskymi decisions long staggering in the bottom of the table, had to play the relegation round.

Even in the bad times on the hockey team went on the status of decent two thousand spectators. And if you Nitra reached the playoffs, it was a feast. And often filled stadium.

It is therefore not difficult to imagine what experiencing the rock when it first came Nitrička the final. If the rest of Slovakia with buttoned semi Bystrica, saw only a great atmosphere, but also quick offensive hockey, which is perhaps the Nitra self 80s.If he wins Nitra…

Chief Prohokeja Paštinský in Nitra for the management of the club in the past are not very happy, but with his statement that it was better than many matches in the KHL, Nitrania agreed.

In contrast, the Košice it is kind of final duties. On paper, they have clearly the best club, following the departure of Slav significantly highest budget. Nothing but the title is not waiting. It’s like as if in the final of the Olympics met Slovakia and Canada.

Other Canadian gold should not surprise anyone, and even players would be so glorified. But if the final won Nitra…

And the best if it happened in the sixth final match, which will take place on Easter Saturday in Nitra.Then would have the stadium, which is sung in a chant, definitely dropped.

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