Vorobius gold in free style up to 72 kg, Josh to 55 kg

LONDON – Russian wrestler Natalia Voroboj (21) won a gold medal in the 72 kg category at OH 2012 in London. In the final, she handled Bulharkou Stanka Christova 3: 1. Bronze medals were won by Maider Und from Spain and Gusel Manjurov from Kazakhstan in this category of hardest wrestlers. Russia, which has three junior world championship titles, has defeated the Bulgarian veteran. She is a five-time world champion, but Olympic gold is missing in the collection. Four years ago, she also won silver in Beijing.Russia

final up to 72kg:
Natalia Vorobiovova (

3: 1

Maider Undova (Spain) – Vassilissa Marsaljuk (Biel. Br> Gusel Manjurov (Kazakh.) – Wang Jiao (China) 6: 2

Christopher (Bulgaria); 3. Maider Und (Sp.) And Gusel Manjurov (Kazakh); 5. Wang Jiao (China) and Vassilissa Marsaljuk (Biel); 7. Annabel Ali (Cameroon); 8. Ochirbat Burmaa Mong.) Japanese wrestler Saori Jošidová (29) confirmed the role of favorite in weight category up to 55 kg won the third gold medal in the series.She also won the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The Canadian Tony Verbeeck, the bronze holder for four years and the silver at the Olympics, beat the final in the British capital. Jošidová never beat the World Cup or the World Cup.

Bronze medals were won by Jackeline Renterí from Colombia and Azerbaijan’s representative Julia Ratkevičová. Juhoameričanka Renteríová was also third in Beijing.

finals up to 55 kg:
Saori Jošidová (JPN) – Tonya Verbeek (CAN) 3: 0

Tatiana Lazarevova (Ukr.) – Jackeline Renteríova (Col.) 1: 3
Julia Ratkevičová (Azer.) – Valeria Zolobovova (Rus.) 3: 1
strong> Final Ranking: 1. Saori Jošidová (Jap.), 2. Tonya Verbeek (Kan.), 3.Jackie Renteríová (Col.) and Julia Ratkevičová (Azer.), 5. Tatiana Lazarevova (Ukr.) And Valeria Žolobovova (Russian), 7. Sofia Mattsson (Swe.), 8. Marwa Amri >

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