When Giro ended: König already flew a helicopter to Turkey

Ivona König is wearing Sky’s son’s outfit and says with a slight offense: “They will make a hill for them one day and the next day again. Only to them. “

From a party of relatives and friends who a week ago had begun to cheer Leopold König in the Dolomites, only Gira was left on the penultimate day, and her husband had left the car with her car. On Friday night, with him in Cervinia, they parked right next to the Sky team, in the morning they got up at six – and quickly back on the road.

“I’m not going to tour, no more leave,” laughed Dad König. >

As the son was constantly visiting and checking, the worrying mother immediately noticed: “Last days, Leo is very tired. But who would not. “

However, it is not allowed to exhale.On Saturday, they first stand in the way of Colle delle Finestre with 2,178 meters of Cima Coppi, the highest peak of this Gira.

The mountain road, clinging to 45 serpentines to the Finestre Pass, was built at the beginning of the 18th century by the generals of the “King of the Sun” by Louis XIV. This made it easier for Fenestrelle to gain access to the Faiestrelle, which played a major role in the French war with Savoy and in the other on the Spanish heritage. For years, also for Emperor Napoleon, the horses had been towed by military equipment. Then she fell into oblivion. When Carmine Castellano at the end of his reign in director Gira’s chair revived in 2005.

Eighty miles of raw work, of which the last eight are unassembled! This is Finestre. Stones and fine dust.As if walking along the beach, he thinks on his slopes of König – and the bicycle sometimes bends with him in the curve. Oxygen in the lungs decreases, the legs become stiff.

Here Alberto Contador shows that he is not a machine, but a “mere” man, “For a moment, I did not doubt that my pink jersey was in jeopardy.”

Here Mikel Landa is the first to get to the summit, and then he understands how rigorous team sports sometimes is cycling when, during the last Miles from Sestriere arrives from the Astana stables from Martinelli’s command: “Slow down and wait for Fabia.” Because Fabio Aru is the leader of Astany, who is supposed to arrive (and actually arrives) in the Sestriere finish for stage first and second place Giru.

König on the Finestre top is two minutes behind the group, where Canadian Hesjedal and Dutch Kruijswijk also go, and virtually Giru drops to seventh.

But then!First, with the help of Mikel Nieve, and later he’s pulling his group’s pace. “Give it all to the finish, it’s seconds,” says Dario Cioni, Sports Director.

For the last three kilometers, Kruijswijk has been driving for half a minute and that’s enough. He’s sixth on Giru. He collapses from the wheel to the asphalt, drinks as a rainbow, and the Eurosport reporter and three other TV crews are already pushing him around. Because the Czech is interested. Not only by their placement and the position of the Sky team leader, but also by the excellent English and the gift interesting to talk about.

“I played today,” he says in Czech. “After 3500 kilometers of Gira, I thought I was driving my time.According to look, too. “

In the team bus with words of thanks hugs Nieveho because good leader always appreciate men who toil for him.

Cycling magician Dave Brailsford, who stood behind Wiggins triumphs in the Tour and Frooma, discusses with König stage, two men passion, absorbing their work. “Where did Trofim fall? How much Hesjedal finally arrived? “König determined.

Before leaving Brailsford, he pats his Czech leader on the shoulder and says:” Progress, that is most important. Progress! And you’re getting better. “

Dario Cioni puts his typical smile of a man happy with his work and appreciate:” Leo was at the Giro our plan B, and it was a very good plan B. He did a great job here.Our goal was to make the best placement for the Grand Tour in a career. “Ivona König is relieved:” It was nervous. In the morning, I’m always afraid of Leo coming, and during the day, so that nobody can take him away. “Then she and her husband say,” You’ll be arriving without us tonight in Milan, are you? “It’s high time to come home. > Parking under the Sestriere round tower seemed as if on Saturday afternoon the atmosphere of general relief. The worst torture is behind them. The order seems to be decided. Giro ends on Sunday in Milan.At the Fabio Aru press conference, he listens to Alberto Contador announcing “I’m thinking more about the Tour”, and because he’s been hungry for the Italian youngster at Finestre, he will have a ham with a ham during the Spaniard’s speech.

In the evening, König on Facebook exaggerates: “Burger, pizza and beer. I’m totally hoping I’m gonna push this Milan now. “

If it was so easy…

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