Zettel winner of the slalom in Aspen, Velez-Zuzulova 11.

ASPEN – Austrian skier Kathrin Zettel became the winner of the second slalom of the World Cup in Aspen, Colorado. In the second leg, another Austrian Marlies Schild finished off with 67th of a second, third was Slovinka Tina Maze (+1,81).

“It’s sensational. thanks, I was back in full tonight with the fact that I could even win, but that I will be the fastest in both rides, I best online betting sites offers would not even have to miss it. “ The Zettel for ORF.

Veronika Velez-Zuzul performed an admirable performance when the eleven had ended with a weakened intestinal virosis. Slovak skier in Aspen early in the morning difficult to cope with the weakening of the organism, after 1.round was twenty, but in the second it was the third fastest ride, just a little slower than the best slalom of the past few years – Rakusanka Marlies Schild.

But the health problems were not avoided: I’m happy to have it behind me and that I have finally had a very decent farewell to my unpopular hill.Next year Aspen “Barbara Kantorová did not manage to penetrate the 2nd round when she got the 40th time with the starting number 58 and the best 30th place in Beaver Creek.”

it lacks 1.46 s. At 1.Kathrin Zetlova has lost 5,44 s.

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In the overall ranking, SP Maze clearly leads, while Nemka Maria Höflová-Rieschová is on the lead in the ongoing classification of the discipline of dense gates. Zuzula for the 11th place (+3.58 s) got 24 points, in the leu with the fifth place from Levi they have 69 and is on the 8th place. In the WCSL (PS start-up), the acura was kept in the elite group, which means that even before the next SP slalom, the number will be drawn in the first seven.

Slalom: Kathrin Zettel (Austria) 1: 42.46 min, 2. Marlies Schild (AUT) +0.67 3. Tina Maze (Slovenia) +1.81 4. Maria Höflová-Rieschová (DEU) +1.93, 5.

Maria Pietilä-Holmner (Sweden) +2.15, 6. Lena Dürrö (German) +2.87,…11.Veronika Velez-Zuzulová +3,58,…40. Barbara Kantorová (both SR) – not standing in second round

Ranking in SP 2012/2013 (after 4 out of 37 races ): 1. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 310 points, 2. Kathtrin Zettelová (Austria) 260, 3. Maria Höflová-Rieschová (DE) 174, 4. Tanja Poutiainenová (Finland) Mikaela Shiffrinova (USA) 125, 6. Irene Courtoni (Italy) 89,…12. Veronika Velez-Zuzulova (SR) 69.

(after 2 out of a total of 9 races): 1. Maria T. Mazeová (Slovenia) 110, 4. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 100, 5. Mikaela Shiffrinova (USA) 96, 6. Marlies Schild (Austria) 80, 7. Maria Pietiläová-Holmnerová (Sweden) 77, 8. Veronika Velez-Zuzulova (SR) 69, 9.Therese Borssenová (Sweden) 62, 10. Christina Geigerová (Germany) 50.

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